Angst-Fri App


Anxiety Free-app

The task at hand

As my first solo project at Digital Concept Development, I developed a prototype for an app. The app is supposed to be an extra support and help for young people who suffer from anxiety and it was created to offer a relief during anxiety-filled situations.

A lot of young people today suffer from anxiety and even though there is a lot of help ot there, you are still very much to your own ability to self-help when the anxiety hits.

The final result

I wanted to create a digital solution to bring in your pocket, that would help whenever you feel an anxiety-attack creeping up on you.

You specialise the app by rating in which situations you feel the most anxiety and other specialised questions and in that way the app will have specialised content to help with your specifik type of anxiety.

There are two parts to my product. I created some mockups of the app and then I did some examples for the marketing campaign of the app.

Different illustrations I did for the app