Gjensidige Forsikring


Gjensidige Insurance

The task at hand

The goal was to give Gjensidige Insurance the solution to creating a transparent and easy customer journey based on trust.

The target group was young families with children and the main pains of this group was that they don’t know what insurances they need and they also don’t understand it.

We wanted to make insurances a lot more accessible and easy to understand.

The final result

We created the trustful helper, who guides the user throughout their journey on the website. It’s a creative new feature that helps the customer and creates trust through relevant and easy-to-understand informations.

The main feature was the ability to compare your own situation to other families and in that way find the insurances that fit your family best. We also created a test, where the user could enter a variety of imformations and receive an insurance offer.

The new and improved Gjensidige-website

Illustrations created for the prototype, based on Gjensidiges current illlustration style