Paustians Online Universe


Paustians Online Universe

The task at hand

We did this project in the combined courses, Digital Commerce and Digital Design.  We had the interior and furniture brand, Paustian, as our client. 

The main problem from Paustian was: How can Paustian create a more inspiring online universe with their design- and interior design skills in focus by creating a better synergy between their physical and online sales channel?

The final result

After interviewing the target group and doing observation work in the physical shops, we decided on a solution, that would encompass all of their skills.

The solution was a more accessible website with a more thorough and informing productpage. The prototype was created by other group members, as I was more responsible for layouting the project document, however I did create the two Instagram-posts, as shown below.

Examples of social media posts (created by me)

Updated frontpage (created by other group members)

Updated productpage (created by other group members)