Redesign af EcoEgo


Redesign of the webshop, Eco Ego

The task at hand

In the third semester of my AP Graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication, we were asked to do a redesign of an existing company’s website. We chose the eco-conscious and sustainable webshop, Eco Ego, as we wanted to focus on a more green company.

We located some issues with the webshop, as it was outdated and not very user friendly. It had blocks of text, old blurry images of the products and the visual design was not the best.

So we took it upon ourselves to create a new design for Eco Ego.


I received a 12 in the Danish grading system, which is the highest grade possible.

The final result

How could a redesign of the Eco Ego webshop as well as an upgrade of its sustainability marketing result in more trafic and therefore more sales on the webshop?

Click here to view the updated webshop and use the password vifik12 to enter

Based on user interviews and market research we decided to do a complete makeover of their visual identity as well as their webshop.

I designed a completely new logo and decided on a colour scheme as well as font usage.

As we made over the website, we focused on usability and visual markers. We wanted the webshop to seem trustworthy and to clearly communicate the sustainable agenda.