An online yoga universe

Task at hand

My final exam as a student of Multimedia Design & Communication was to create a digital space which entailed a lot of the things that we had learned during our education. I chose to create a completely new universe for my current place of employment, Senses Yoga. I created a digital yoga platform, where users could go to to get qualified yoga practices for every need. This exam correlated with the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, so it seemed fitting, as all fitness and yoga studios were shut down during this period.


I received a 10 in the Danish grading system, which is the second highest grade possible.

The final result

First of, I tweaked the current design a bit to fit the brand even better. I chose to go with different fonts and another more cohesive colour scheme than the original Senses website.

My idea was to create a portal with guided videos to do from home with the exact samme content and mood as they would get by actually being in the studio.

I also created some marketing material to communicate the new yoga portal to the target audience. The marketing material was created after the website and was an additional redesign of the new visual identity.