Wholi Foods


Design and SoMe-Management at Wholi Foods

The internship

During my fourth semester as an AP Graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication, I interned at Wholi Foods (now Hey Planet) as their graphic designer and social media manager. I worked there from january to april 2020.

What did I learn during the internship?

Wholi Foods create sustainable snacks and food with insects in it. Therefore, the main focus of communication was, how do we market foods with insects to people, who would otherwise find it gross?

I did a lot of things during the internship. Mostly POS-advertising materials, updates for the website and Instagram-channel.

I also did some packaging design during my time at Wholi.

I gained experience in marketing specific for start-ups and also how to communicate a message, that might be a bit more difficult.

Some examples for a redesign of the protein bar

Instagram-posts (both stagnant and as GIFs)

Posters for retailers